Celebrating Zack’s birthday and Tara’s last day in lab

The lab celebrates Kevin’s birthday!

Nothing like a friendly game of pool. Ricky demonstrating ultimate grace

Whose side are you on?

Tiffany presenting her research at COS JAM

Emily and her Dad ran the Holy Half Marathon!

Kaitlyn, AJ, and Emily

Happy New Year from Emily and Kaitlyn!

Preparing to move the lab from Stepan to McCourtney

When BWW has BOGO wings…there’s only one thing to do

Kevin ready to give his OCE presentation

Lab ice cream outing!

Emily, Kaitlyn, & Jen at the ND vs. MSU game

Kaitlyn & Emily & Pizza

AJ & Kevin working on the solvent system

We run more than just reactions

When Kevin decides to give Kaitlyn & Emily boxing lessons…

Happy birthday Tiffany!

Nicolai & Kevin

Deisy & Kaitlyn after Kaitlyn’s ARP

Nicolai & AJ

Lab party at Brother’s

Group Photo 2021